Our Menu

Meet your Maker9k
Note from Gordon10k
Fear and Loathing9k
Scottish Kiss6k
Rum Donkey5k
Gordon's boiled temper11k
Milkshake chocolate/vanilla3k 
Juice500 gil 
Tea600 gil 
Coffee600 gil 
Soda900 gil 
Milk400 gil 
taste around the world special: Mexico Chilaquiles with Elote Drinks Paloma Dessert Cocadas 17k 
Beef Wellington with a side of mashed potatoes with a garden salad and garlic bread.14k
Fish & Chips with a side salad and a dinner roll.6k
Gordon Ramsay's famous F U burger with side salad and fries (15k 
Cheesy pasta with a side salad and garlic bread.9k
Deep-dish pizza, garlic bread with a side salad, and dipping sauce12k
Jerk chicken with fries, side salad, and a dinner roll.6k
Teriyaki salmon with fries and artichoke.10k
Gordon's taco's with fries.8k
Idiot sandwich with fries with a potato salad.7k
BQ Beef Brisket with side salad and garlic bread 13,500k 
special Finnish Root Vegetable hash with pork sausages from scarambled 14k 
Chocolate mousse cake.2k
Donuts (3)5k
Sticky toffee pudding.6k
Crème brûlée7k
Spiced Apple turnover.4k
Chocolate pudding.3k